Worth Doing

There are so many tours out there now it is difficult to decide what is the best choice. It’s so important to make the most of everything with limited time to see a country (at least for me) and not to mention getting the most bang for your buck. Here are the tours and other tidbits I have really enjoyed over the years. Also, review your tours, hotels, and restaurants after your trip! Good reviews really help businesses grow, especially small ones. If you didn’t like something, say something! I rely only reviews to tell me if a tour is worth it and more importantly, if a hotel or Airbnb is safe and clean to stay in. Your reviews have power!


Beautiful Northern Thailand from Intrepid – 3 weeks in Thailand with a guide who was born and raised in this gorgeous country. From start to finish, this was a fantastic time.

At Azreen’s in Kuala Lumpur, you can have a little slice of paradise from a fantastic host. He even puts together an absolutely wonderful welcome guide to help you get to know KL quickly.



In nearly any city, Sandeman’s Free Walking Tours is a fun, fast way to get the basics of any city. All guides I have had the pleasure to learn from have always been happy to give recommendations for the rest of my trip as well.

In Copenhagen, I was really happy with Copenhagen Free Walking Tours. In fact, I loved them so I much I took all three of them. Another thing I love about Denmark is that I could use my credit card to tip my guides.

In Santorini, Santorini Highlights should not be missed. It was a wonderfully overview of the island. It’s clear the guides take a lot of pride and really care about visitors’ experience while they show off their home.

Not a tour but well worth doing, if you find yourself in Athens, Liondi is an absolute must eat. It’s likely Chef Stavros will let you know James Franco comes to dine there every summer, but in case he doesn’t, I’m telling you now.

When you find yourself hungry in Hong Kong, treat yourself to Secret Food Tours Hong Kong around Tin Has for some great beef brisket soup and a whole lot of culture presented by a local who clearly loves his home.